In 1940, FDC was incorporated as a private limited company - Fairdeal Corporation (Private) Limited and in 1986 its name was changed to FDC Private Limited. Thereafter, FDC became a public limited company, and was listed on the Bombay and National Stock Exchange of India in 1996.

FDC was incorporated with a vision to create, to build, and to industrialize, in order to make the nation self-reliant in healthcare. FDC is the pioneer in manufacturing and marketing of Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) - Electral. Electral was introduced to the markets in the times when the world was grappling with millions of preventable deaths due to diarrhoeal dehydration. FDC’s focus on self-reliant healthcare and its vision to nourish lives led to the invention of Nutraceuticals catering to different age groups. Understanding the due importance of nutrition and in particular that of protein, FDC launched a delicious protein rich powder Zefrich. 

With FDC, you are always assured of the best quality products. We are the proud recipients of two Quality Excellence Awards from the "Indian Drug Manufacturers Association" (IDMA). We have also pioneered ophthalmic and ORS manufacturing in the country and are the leading manufacturers in these categories today. We have now come up with protein supplements for the ones who wish for a healthy and better life..

FDC strives to explore, innovate, and integrate solutions with modern technology, empowering talent, and expanding healthcare horizons for a better quality of life to millions globally.

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